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Alex V Earth

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With the advent of the Internet, the problem of ACCESS to information was solved. Then it took decades to solve the problem of SEARCHING information on the Internet.


Later, a third problem appeared - the ABUNDANCE of information. It became difficult to find the necessary, relevant and reliable information and this in turn led to the emergence of a new problem - the quality of PERCEPTION of information and the ability to APPLY it.


We, Black Rada DEVStudio, are engaged in solving the formula of information consumption by a modern person: quickly receive + quickly perceive + quickly apply. For this we have created and are developing the Media Interactive Cinema segment.

Alex V Earth

Julia V Earth


DEVStudio Black rada


Create your smart application for any device without any programming skills.

We have already taken care of everything: 81+ modules based on a unique kernel.

You just have to bring your idea to life through your own application created on our platform.

Modules Ω

We have created modules for creating applications. Among 81+ modules, you will find everything you can imagine and even more, for example, assessing the user's mental state while using the application.

These are unique developments which are creating and developing for 28 years already.

Core Ω

We created a smart unique space that is managed by Core Ω.

To implement the work of Core Ω, unique technologies of a psycho-binary language (PBL Tech), underdetermined models (N-Models Tech) and matrix technologies (Matrix Tech) are used.

There are no analogues of Core Ω, since all used technologies are personal developments and were not transferred to anyone.

We invite Alpha testers